Ingredients that are ethically produced and of a high active quality producing noticeable results.
No mineral oils (paraffin & petroleum) we only use active plants oils
No animal products with the exception of beeswax which is a by-product of the honey industry.
Preservatives, some products are preservative free, although when essential for product safety we use a relatively natural preservative used by green cosmetics companies and accepted by the 'Soil Association', which offers a broad & balanced spectrum of effect.
All cosmetic safety assessments are carried out in compliance with the current EU cosmetic safety regulations.
All products made in small batches to ensure quality and a longer shelf life for you.

These products have been safety assessed in compliance with current EU regulations by EF Chemical Consulting, although impossible to create products that everyone will tolerate we recommend that you patch test a small amount of product in the crook of your elbow where the skin is thin and leave for 12-24 hours, before use on face.

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