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For Dry/Sensitive Skin type

This moisturiser is high in Borage oil which is extremely high in GLA (gamma, lineoic, acid) which is required for the skin to function. aiding in the skins suppleness, slowing the aging process down.
Shea Butter helps stimulate growth of new cells, this is a gentle formulation most suited to dry / sensitive skin.

Apply as required morning and night. Because of all the natural oils, you may find you require to put less on your skin as the oils heat up when massaged on and the cream goes a long way.

50ml - £12.95

For Oily / Large Pore Skin

This is a light moisturiser especially created for oily and large pore skin which still require to be moisturised. It is rich in Rosehip Oil
and high in Omega 3 & 6 which helps replenish and rebuild skin tissue which in turn helps pores appear reduced in size. Essential oil of Geranium is added to help with regulating the production of Sebum.

Apply as required morning and evening. As this product is a made up of natural oils you may require less product as the oils will heat up and spread when massaged onto the skin.

50ml - £12.95

For Mature & Very Dry Skin

A very rich moisturiser for skin that has difficulty in retaining moisture., High in Macadamia Nut Oil which is readily absorbed by the skin this is especially good for mature and very dry skin. Essential oil of Rose is added to compliment those mentioned skin conditions as well as broken capillaries.

Apply as required morning and evening. As this product is a made up of natural oils you may require less product as the oils will heat up and spread when massaged onto the skin.

50ml - £12.95

Suitable for most skin types

Rich in Jojoba oil (which is actually a liquid wax, providing protection), it softens, protects and helps the skin hold its moisture.
Good for all skin types especially conditions such as acne and dry eczema. Shea Butter is added to stimulate growth of new cells, blended with essential oils of Orange, Lavender & Geranium
helping to soothe irritated skin and regulate production of Sebum.

Apply as required morning and evening. As this product is a made up of natural oils you may require less product as the oils will heat up and spread when massaged onto the skin.

50ml - £12.95

100% Natural LIP BALM

Lips can be sensitive to the effects of the sun, wind & dry air and
they often require a little extra protection. Through the use of natural fats & waxes, lips can be cared for 'without' balms having to be applied over and over again which can be a result of using products that use oils from the petroleum industry.

Our Balms contain Beeswax to protect, Organic Cocoa Butter to nourish & Sweet Almond Oil to soften, finally the highest food grade of essential oil or organic fruit extract.

Available in 10ml Aluminium Tins or 5ml Cylinder tubes
Flavours: Spearmint , Citrus Burst, Strawberry

Please state which type and flavour you would like to order.

5ml Tubes - £2.50
Choose flavour

10ml Tin - £4.00
Choose flavour


"A rich nourishing & protecting cream for hands, high in Vitamin E loaded with Antioxidant properties"

A luxurious hand cream rich in Avocado & Jojoba oils, nourishing & rich in vitamins, containing fatty acids which moisturise dry, tired
and lack lustre skin. This hand cream softens and protects acting like a barrier which helps skin to retain moisture. Fragranced with Patchouli & Rose which aids healing of chapped dry skin.

Available in 100ml or a handy 30ml Hand-bag size

100ml - £8.95

30ml - £3.95

LIQUID HANDWASH SLS Free - 250ml Pump Dispenser

Our hand wash is made using detergents derived from natural sources e.g. - Coconut & Palm kernel oils & sugars which are considered to be environmentally friendly. We do not use detergents subject to controversy for example - Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS)
in our Hand wash.
Apply as required in our handy & stylish pump dispenser, rub hands together to activate gentle foaming action & inhale the wonderful aromas of essential oils.

Available in Energizing Lavender or a Refreshing Cleanse & Detox blend of Lemon, Grapefruit, Juniper, Rosemary, Fennel, Ginger & Black Pepper.

Please state which fragrance.

250ml - £7.95

250ml each in Pump Dispensers

For our hand wash see information above. Our Hand and Body Lotion is a nice smooth light lotion easy to apply to the whole of the body to add moisture and a hint of oil to the skin.

Choice of Fragrance - Energizing Lavender or Refreshing Cleanse & Detox

Presented in a Gift Bag. (colour & design may vary)

Gift Pack- £16.95


Cleansing with a good quality cleanser - assures the removal of surface impurities, traces of make-up and excessive oiliness which enhances the skins ability to breathe.

Natural plant oils absorb fat soluble dirt, we use Castor oil which is not absorbed quickly by the skin making it ideal for this purpose.
Our Cleanser is rich and creamy with a gentle foaming agent, this is best applied to skin whilst dry and massaged in then wiped off with a cloth (one supplied) to dislodge any dead skin cells, giving you clean soft and radiant skin, although gentle this cleanser will dislodge Mascara when massaged around eyelashes.
Cleansing is necessary for all skin types. Essential oil of Sweet Orange & Ylang Ylang is added for healing purposes, enhancing this products aroma, making cleansing more enjoyable.

New formulation, suitable for all skin types.


100ml - £9.50

STING, BITES, SPOTS OIL 10ml Roller ball

Sting, Bite & Spot Oil in a handy Roller ball applicator, a blend of Tea-Tree and Lavender essential in a Sweet Almond Carrier oil, apply to sting bite or spot to soothe area, you may need to re-apply.
Highly antiseptic, combating infection, has been used for a variety of conditions e.g. nettle sting, midge & mosquito bites, jelly fish sting and teenage spots.

A great remedy to carry around in your bag for home and abroad.

10ml - £4.95

REJUVENATING SERUM - 10ml Roller ball

You can help reduce the signs of aging in the face and around the eyes by using super potent active raw materials in an Oil Blend called a ' Serum ' . A serum is best applied in the evenings after you have cleansed your face and applied Skin Fresh Toner (or before moisturising).

Serums prevent premature signs of aging as they contain high doses of antioxidants, which work on the skin if used regularly and thereby reducing damage caused by the aging of the connective tissue such as elastin and collagen.

An Oil Serum will feel dry on the skin as it is usually absorbed quickly by the skin. This is because Oil Serums contain thin, dry Oils rich in Omega 3 & 6 Essential Fatty Acids combined with Antioxidants, Chia seed oil, Evening Primrose oil & Rosehip oil to name a few.

10ml - £14.95

SKIN FRESH TONERS 100ml Aluminium spray bottle.

Toners act as astringents, cleaning and reducing the size of pores and wrinkles so that dust and dirt will not enter as easily - avoiding further skin problems.

Our Toner / Skin freshener is made with the highest quality Hydrolates, (floral waters) which is a by-product of making essential oil. These hydrolates contain a very small quantity of essential oil so carry with them the healing properties of each oil. Added to these hydrolates are comfrey, aloe vera & witch hazel which act as astringents, antiseptics - attracting moisture, cooling soothing and stress relieving. Spray on face after cleansing or apply with cotton wool pads or carry around with you and spray when feeling hot and bothered.

New formulation, suitable for all skin types.


100ml - £6.95


A good way to try our cleanser, skin freshener / toner & moisturiser, what you get in this handy pack is 50ml Cream Cleanser with muslin cloth, 50ml of Skin freshener & 15ml of Moisturiser. Available with a range of moisturisers suitable for the following skin types

Oily & large pore
Mature (or skin that has difficulty in retaining moisture)


Gift Pack - £15.95
Skin Type


A great present as most people use Hand Cream and or Lip Balm, which are suitable for all skin types. You get a 30ml handbag size Rich Avocado Hand cream and a 10ml Aluminium tin of Lip Balm, choose from 3 flavours

Spearmint, Citrus Burst, Strawberry.

These are presented in a small gift bag. (colour may vary)

Gift bag - £7.50
Lipbalm flavour


A Soothing bath treat that will help soften & moisturise all skin types though particularly useful for Dermatitis, Eczema and other irritated itchy skin conditions.

Made with Organic Chamomile Flowers that are calming & soothing to irritated skin and Organic Oats which sooth and are said to have Moisturising & Revitalising Qualities.

Add the cloth ball to a running bath, which then can be used to gently exfoliate skin, avoid any sore or broken areas, squeeze ball which will make the water look a little milky and enjoy soaking in this calming & soothing bath. Use twice weekly to treat Eczema.

*The use of Oats in Skincare dates back to 2000 BCE in Egypt where they were used to treat Eczema, Burns & other inflammatory skin conditions*

1 x soak - £3.00

2 x soak - £5.00

BODY BUTTER 100ml 0r 30ml

This is a very thick rich Body Butter made with a blend of Apricot kernal, Safflower and Vitamin E oils which soften, protect and helps the skin to retain moisture. Fragranced with an Organic extract of Mango & Lime, it almost smells good enough to eat!
Also avaiable in organic extract of Coconut.

Apply all over to skin for a luxurious treat after a bath or shower, or can be used for mainly dry areas e.g. elbows & knees.

100ml - £9.95

30ml - £4.50